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Features Brighton Belle 5-car EMU in both Pullman and British Rail liveries
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The electric Pullman operated Brighton Belle is widely considered to be the Southern Railway's most iconic service, which ran from London Victoria to Brighton from January 1933 and then under British Rail until 30 April 1972.



The SR electrified the London Victoria to Brighton line in the early 1930s, and full electric services commenced over the route from 1 January 1933. For the high-profile Southern Belle Pullman train three five-car units, consisting entirely of Pullman cars, were built. All fifteen cars were built by Metropolitan Cammell. In June 1934 the Southern Railway renamed the Southern Belle as the Brighton Belle.

As they were Pullman cars, owned by the independent Pullman Car Company, the individual carriages were numbered in its series, taking numbers 279 to 293, and the first class cars were given ladies' name while the third (from June 1956, second) class cars carried less-inspiring Car No xx designations, derived from the second and third digits of the Pullman Car Company's number. However, the units together were allocated numbers in the SR series, originally taking 2051-2053, which was revised in January 1937 to 3051-3053.

The Southern Railway initially allocated 5-PUL between 1933 and 1935 before settling on 5-BEL for the 5-car all-Pullman electric multiple units. They survived long enough in British Rail ownership to be allocated TOPS Class 403.

Train SimulatorEdit

For Train Simulator the 5-BEL was created by Richard Scott and released as freeware on UKTrainSim. It features a custom cab, driver model, passenger view and sound effects. Amusingly, the bottle of champagne in the passenger view has a reference to RDSL on it.

Rolling StockEdit

    • Pullman livery with numbers: 88, 89, 90, 91, 92, and 93
    • British Rail Blue livery
  • TPFK
    • Pullman livery with names: Hazel, Doris, Audrey, Vera, Gwen, and Mona
    • British Rail Blue livery
  • TPT
    • Pullman livery with Car Nos: 85, 86, and 87
    • British Rail Blue livery


2051 / 3051 288 Car No 88 279 Hazel 282 Doris 286 Car No 86 289 Car No 89
2052 / 3052 290 Car No 90 280 Audrey 284 Vera 287 Car No 87 291 Car No 91
2053 / 3053 292 Car No 92 281 Gwen 283 Mona 285 Car No 85 293 Car No 93
  • DMBPT - Driving Motor Brake Parlour Third
  • TPFK - Trailer Parlour First with Kitchen
  • TPT - Trailer Parlour Third


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