Castle Rock Railroad
Classic route Steam header
Availability Steam Workshop
Features Rural mixed-traffic American route.
Price Free
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Castle Rock Railroad was a route included with Train Simulator 2012, withdrawn from Train Simulator 2013, and then released on Steam Workshop on April 10th 2014 by Matt Peddlesden, Technical Game Designer with Dovetail Games.

The route runs from the industrial city of Castle Rock in the North to Monument approximately 25 miles to the south. Roughly mid-way between the two towns is Larkspur, an urban area complete with passenger stop and sidings served with commercial interests of the town. This enables a mix of passenger and freight services to be run.


  • Castle Rock Intermodal Terminal
  • Castle Rock Cement Yards and Sheds
  • Castle Rock Metalworks
  • Castle Rock Appliance Makers
  • Castle Rock station
  • Larkspur station
  • Larkspur Refinery
  • Monument station