Class 150 DMU Add-On
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Availability Currently unavailable on Steam. Updated version available through Armstrong Powerhouse
Price Previously £11.99, AP version £19.99
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Eighty-five Class 150/2 "Sprinter" diesel multiple-units were built by BREL York to replace aging first generation multiple-units. The Class 150/2s differed from the /1 subtype owing to their front-end gangway connections. They are used more on longer-distance services.

These units were all built as two-car sets, numbered 150201-150285. Each unit is formed of two driving motor vehicles, one of which contains a lavatory.

For Train Simulator, the 150/2 was developed jointly by Oovee Entertainment and Thomson Interactive being released onto Steam in 2011.

On September 29th 2017 it was announced by popular third-party developer Armstrong Powerhouse (AP) that they had successfully negotiated the purchase of the rights to the Class 150/2 and that it would shortly be removed from Steam while AP worked on updating and improving the train. On November 9th 2017 Armstrong Powerhouse released their "Class 150/2 Diesel Multiple Unit Pack" featuring 21 liveries, an updated cab, improved audio, GMS-R functionality ,improved exhaust effects and "much more!". Many praised Armstrong Powerhouse through social media commenting on how the Class 150/2 had gained vast improvements though some criticized AP for the price tag mentioning that they had already purchased the original unit with its Armstrong Powerhouse sound pack and did not believe in paying a lot more for the addon.

Rolling StockEdit

Class 150/2 DMS + DMSL

Thomson and Oovee:

  • Anglia Railways
  • Arriva
  • First Great Western
  • London Midland (Old Centro livery)
  • Northern Rail
  • Regional Railways
  • Scotrail (Unbranded)

Armstrong Powerhouse:

  • BR "Sprinter"
  • Network Northwest
  • Regional Railways
  • Regional Railways (Centro)
  • Regional Railways (GMPTE)
  • Regional Railways (Merseyrail)
  • ScotRail (National Express)
  • Anglia Railways
  • Central Trains (Anglia Railways)
  • Central Trains
  • Network West Midlands
  • Wessex Trains
  • First Great Western (FGW) "Local Lines"
  • FIrst Great Western (FGW) Plain
  • Great Western Railway (First)
  • Valley Lines
  • Arriva Trains Wales (ATW) Turquoise and Cream
  • Arriva Trains Wales (ATW) Two Tone
  • First North Western
  • Northern Rail (Serco-Abellio)
  • Northern Rail (Arriva)