Despite what some people say, there is nothing about the procedure in the Class156_Manual.pdf file. There is, however, a tutorial that will take you through these steps. Under Drive by Train, find Class 156 ScotRail 2000. In the Standard Scenario list, you should find Class 156 Driving Tutorial that uses the TestTrak route.

Starting with the reverse in neutral, the throttle at 0%, and the brakes fully applied...
1. Make sure the engine is running (approx. 600 RPM is normal at idle). If it isn't, press Z to start the engine.
2. Press W once to move the reverser from Off to Forward. Note: You MUST use the W key for this step ... moving the reverser lever itself won't do anything.
3. The AWS self-test will cause the AWS horn to sound and the reset button to illuminate. Cancel the alert by pressing Q, or by clicking on the AWS reset button.
4. The reverser will have been set to Reverse (-100%) during the AWS test. Press W twice to move it to forward again, or use the mouse to move it.
5. [Optional] Set the exterior lights as desired -- the headlights, tail lights, and marker lights are all controlled by separate switches, or use the H, J, and K keys.
6. Make sure DRA is off (the red DRA light should be dark). If it is on, press Y to turn it off, or click on the red light.
7. Increase the throttle to 200% - 400% by pressing A as necessary, or use the mouse to move the throttle.
8. Release the brakes completely by pressing ; as necessary, or use the mouse to move the lever to 0%.
Once you've started moving the first time, stopping and starting are pretty much the same as in other DMU's. After a station stop, however, you must remember to increase the throttle and THEN release the brakes.
If you switch cabs, however, you must repeat all of the above steps. If you don't see/hear the AWS test, then you will know that the train won't drive properly.

written by boilerbill