BR Class 422 ‘4BIG’ EMU Add-On
Class 422 Steam header
Availability Currently available on Steam
Features Class 422 EMU in BR Blue and Grey
Scenarios 1 Training
2 Standard/Career
Price £11.99
Directory RSC\Class422Pack01
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The Class 422 '4Big' was similar to the standard Class 421 '4Cep' EMU but contained a buffet car in place of an intermediate trailer, thereby consisting of two driving trailers, a non-driving motor coach and a buffet car. The first 4BIG was delivered into service in late 1965 from BR's York Works, and up until 1972 were regular units on south coast passenger services.

Uniquely among its bedfellows, the 422 has a passenger view, however it only comes in BR Blue and Grey livery.