Southeastern Class 465 EMU Add-On
Class 465 Steam header
Availability Currently available on Steam
Features Class 465 in Southeastern yellow/grey
Scenarios 1 Training

2 Career

Price £11.99
Directory RSC\Class465Pack01
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The Class 465 "Networker" is a third-rail electrical multiple unit introduced in 1992 to replace ageing 4-EPB units on inner and outer suburban services around London Victoria. Construction of the units were split between three manufacturers, GEC Alsthom (Metro-Cammell) and BREL between 1991 and 1993, and ABB Rail between 1993 and 1994, leading to slight differences in LED and air vent designs. The subtype modeled for Train Simulator is the GEC Alsthom variant.

They served with British Rail's Network SouthEast sector, before transferring to Connex South Eastern upon privatisation until it was stripped of the franchise, to which the government-run South Eastern Trains took them over, and then the current franchisee, Southeastern. They are mostly used on suburban routes serving the South East of England and can often be seen working in tandem with the Class 466s.

The Class 465/2 for Train Simulator was created by DTG under license from Southeastern, and to that end is available in Southeastern yellow/grey livery featuring a passenger view and a driver reminder appliance (DRA).

Destination BoardsEdit

Destination Destination Destination
a Ashford Int. via Maidstone j Gravesend s Sheerness
b Blackfriars k London Bridge via Dartford t Tonbridge
c Cannon St l London Bridge via Orpington u Bromley North
d Dartford m Maidstone East v Victoria
e Sittingbourne n Slade Green w Tunbridge Wells
f Faversham o Orpington x Charing X
g Gillingham p Paddock Wood y Out of Service
h Canterbury East q Strood z Depot
i Ashford Int. via Tonbridge r Rochester # Blank