How to drive the Class 86 electric gunslinger on West Coast Main Line (WCML)Edit

RailWorks Class 86 driving tutorial

RailWorks Class 86 driving tutorial


My 86 won't move!Edit

Not a problem...
You tripped the breaker and have to reset it.
With this train the controls are very different than a diesel.


Class 86 controls

First thing you do is look at the dash panel and notice the two vertical gauges that show red / yellow / green. This gauge in layman terms tells you how much juice you're giving to the motors. If the gauge goes into the red for too long you trip the breaker and have to reset.

To accelerate this train the first thing you need to do is move the reverser to 100%. Then move the Throttle to 60%. This is the normal running (Notch Up) position. From here on, do not use the handles but rather the keyboard as you will understand why in a second.
Electric trains have over 30 "gears" or "positions". From the 60% position each time you TAP the "A" button you will gear up. Each time you gear up you will increase the among of juice you are applying to the motors. At this point you will notice the needle in the the first gauge jump up. Wait for that needle to go back to middle of green before you TAP up again.
As you get moving you can TAP up faster. You can also move the Throttle to 100%. This is called the "run up" position. In this position you will continuously increase Throttle until at 100%
To tell what gear you are in, look for the Transformer Tap % Gauge to the right of the Juice Gauge.
To decrease your juice, TAP the "D" button.
If at any point you put the Throttle back to 0%, you will have to leave it there until the Xformer Tap returns to 0% before accelerating again. There is a pause catch at 3% Throttle just to help you not hit 0% unless you want to.
You can use the "F" button to activate the Fault Reset button.

3 Fault Reset SequenceEdit

If the Fault light illuminates and power is lost to the locomotive, follow these steps to
reset the system.

  1. Return the Tap Changer to the OFF position by pressing the <D> key until it is all the way to the left.
  2. Wait for the Tap Indicator to drop down and display 0%.
  3. Press the <F> key to reset the system and the Fault light will extinguish.
  4. Press the key to reset the system and the Fault light will extinguish.

4. Whilst Driving Edit

If you cannot get power whilst you are in motion, First try a ferm brake application, then try for power again. If this doesn't help your train must be stopped and you must follow the steps discriped above..

originally written by Ragnokak, used with permission