Doncaster Works Route Add-On
Doncaster Works Steam header
Availability Currently available on Steam
Features Class 03 in BR Blue livery

Movable ‘dead’ rolling stock

Scenarios 4 Free Roam

5 Standard 2 Career

Price £14.99
Directory RSC\IndustrialNorth
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The Doncaster Works addon is set around the titular railway works among the dirt and grime of the late 1970s, when the Class 55 "Deltic" was its death throes and the InterCity 125s slowly came to dominate the East Coast Main Line.

It includes the UK Buildings Model Pack as well as the European Community Asset Pack, which was default content with Train Simulator 2012.

Rolling StockEdit



  • Conflat barrier wagon.
Derelict stock
  • Class 55 "Deltic" in BR Blue, one with bonnets and one completely gutted.
  • Class 02 shunter in BR Blue.
  • Class 07 shunter in BR Blue.
  • Class 08 shunter in BR Blue.
  • Class 101 DMU's DMCL in BR Blue.
  • Class 37 diesel locomotive in BR Blue.
  • Damaged Class 37 diesel locomotive in BR Blue.
  • Class 47 diesel locomotive in BR Blue and a depressed Class 47 with no engine and tarpaulin.
  • Gutted Mk 1 and Mk 2 TSO coaches.