Scenario Editor Properties Box

The settings from top to bottom:

  • Name: give your scenario a name as it will appear in the menu.
  • Description: this is text presented in the menu.
  • Briefing: the text of the popup box at the beginning of the scenario.
  • Developer: write in your (nick)name as to be shown in the menu.
  • Route: on which route your scenario is on, will be filled in automatically.
  • Date: the date your scenario plays on, has not much relevance.
  • Difficulty: numbers from 0 to 5 representing very easy to extremely difficult as shown in the menu.
  • Duration: how long will it take to complete this scenario? Will be shown in the menu.
  • Start time: the time of day your scenario starts, change this before adding any AI or player train instructions.
  • Weather: select a weather from the predefined templates.
  • Season: select the season your scenario plays in, will make the world look different.
  • Player train: which category is the player train? Diesel, electric or steam.
  • Force Simple Controls: forces simple controls for the scenario.
  • Force Expert Controls: forces expert controls for the scenario.
  • Force Cab Camera: Forces the cab camera at the beginning of the scenario. The player can still change camera modes at any time.