Project Platform: Phorum Peninsula
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Availability Discontinued.
Scenarios 2 free roams

11 standard

Directory Community\ProjectPlatform

The Phorum Peninsula was a route that was the result of a twenty-four hour charity event, organized by RailSimulator Ltd, with the objective of creating an appealing fictional route with support and contributions from the RailWorks community. Income from the sale of the route went directly to charity.

As a result, the route took on an interestingly diverse bent, with an American colliery branch and a few small lines, a narrow gauge railway and a beachside tramway. The stock was equally as diverse, with two USA designs - an SW1500 switcher and an S100 USA Dock Tank alongside very British seaside trams and an 07 shunter.

The charity supported in question was The Railway Children, who help with runaway children and street children predominantly in the United Kingdom, Africa and India.



A small single-lined seaside tramway with overhead catenary, running from the pier along the seafront to the town's church. Both ends of the line have a balloon loop.

Pier Head - Acorn Corner - Scott's Way - St Daniel's Church

Rolling StockEdit


Class 07

  • Default (BR Blue - with no logo)


  • Default (Union Pacific yellow - unbranded)



  • Corris 3
  • Little John
  • Sir Derek
  • S100 0-6-0T USA Dock Tank
  • Default (British Railways black)


  • NG 3rd class coach
  • SR push-pull set, numbers 4112 and 6369


  • Conflat wagon
  • DT 14 ton tank
  • SSA Scrap Wagon