Quick Drive is a feature added to Train Simulator 2013 that allows players to jump right in and use a locomotive on a route.

History[edit | edit source]

In Train Simulator 2012 and previous iterations of the game, players had three options:

  1. Select a free roam at a set time of day and choose a train from those available.
  2. Select a pre-set scenario which is fixed to a specific locomotive at a pre-set time and place.
  3. Go into the scenario editor and place a locomotive and consist where you want and set the time and weather conditions.

Each of those options had benefits and draw-backs: scenarios have AI trains but do not give a free choice of trains or route, free roams give more choice but lack AI traffic, and the scenario editor requires time and understanding to master.

Quick Drive allows the player to select a locomotive from their collection in the livery of their choice, place it on an available route and select start and end points, set the time and weather conditions and simply go.

Certain routes also have AI traffic, for example the London to Brighton route has Class 377s as AI traffic, however if one owns certain add-ons - for example the Class 170 and Class 319 in case of L2B - they are added to the route's quick drive traffic.

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