You already learned how to place a train in a scenario, now it's time to fill it with some action.

Here I placed a 7F in Bath with some wagons and already added a driver to it.

So open up the timetable view with the clock symbol, the single icon in the top box.

At the moment it is a bit empty and only showing the map and the single train we've added so far.

To insert instructions you can use the icons above the timetable on the right. Hover your mouse over them to see what they do, although the pictures are relatively clear.

Let's add some passenger stops.


Choose the "people" symbol and this new window shows up. I've scrolled around the map to see what the next station is, and as it turns out it is Midford. So go through the list with all the possible stops and look for it. There are more things to adjust in this window, but let's keep it simple at this point.


I already added the next stop "Willow 1" here, but to make the scenario complete we will also need a final destination for our train, so that we know where the scenario is finished. It is also nice for the player to know he has done the job good or bad, so I filled in the two according text boxes here.

The final destination is put in with the symbol of an orange arrow pointing on a blue box. You need to choose the platform or destination name in it, just like for the passenger stop.


When you go back into the 3D view you will see that two new symbols have appeared behind our driver icon, those are for the passenger stops showing that this engine has some instructions. We are nearly done here, only two things to be done left.

We need to make our engine the player train, so that we can really drive it. Click on the driver icon in the timetable view and set that checkbox next to the loco icon. Also adjust the train service class to something different than special, in more complex surroundings there might be errors with special trains.

And in the last step we change our scenario properties. I filled in some random values and changed the season and weather to winter, this will show when you start the scenario normally or when you open it again in the editor.