Settle to Carlisle 1975 is a freeware route created by user stuart666 with assistance from hertsbob and Jeff available through Steam Workshop. As the name suggests, it modifies the Settle to Carlisle line to as it would have looked in the mid-1970s. It requires only the Settle to Carlisle and UK Buildings Model Pack add-ons.

Features[edit | edit source]

  • Backdates signalling and track layout to the mid 70s.
  • Includes Hellifield and Long Preston, the Warcop Branch.
  • More sidings at Appleby and Settle (in the process of being dismantled)
  • More signal boxes and semaphore signals.
  • Higher speed limits (in places 80mph running) based on a 1973 British Rail Sectional Appendix for LMR North.
  • Includes Upperby engine shed for steam railtour
  • Included Horton In Ribblesdale Quarry, complete with rail connection.

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